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Car Rental Services, Online booking system world wide with Emanko.com E-COMMERCE / CAR RENTAL SERVICES

CarFlexi’s MPI is a service that allows a retailer to write its own customized GUI for car searching.
*MPI is short for Message Passing Interface.

MPI Messaging
The service is a custom XML-based protocol built on top of HTTP. Each call is made by forming an XML document representing a request, which is then sent to the server via HTTP POST. If successful, the consumer will receive an XML document representing the response of the call. With simple words, retailers/ resellers/ affiliates (airplane companies, hotels, online travel agencies and many others) can increase revenues through www.carflexi.com

We offer our partners an attractive business opportunity in the online car rental reservation industry. Our multilingual website will reach millions of business and leisure customers all over the world. At this website, all details and information will be explained as well as video courses for affiliates and sales associate training. All of them will have a back office with statistics, history, flexible implementation and sales information.
A wide selection of independent and chain car rental companies like Hertz, Europcar, Avis, Sixt etc, together with an easy-to-use website combined with a commission based business model will make www.carflexi.com a well-trusted brand in the industry.

On this site we will present all available cars and all available companies plus ratings from customers for each company.

This site will be a fully automated e-commerce car rental site that will pick up results from different car rental sites/ databases and then algorithmically calculate the best possible car rental deal for the customer. Our suppliers will offer car rental services through our databases to all our customers. It will be fully online and automated. As our databases will be connected with suppliers’ inventory databases through our servers, the inventory handling will be supported online and automatically.
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